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    This year's theme - "Doing Excellence Together"

    There's an African Proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This virtual symposium offers students, faculty, staff and alumni an opportunity to celebrate and learn about the collective excellence of our UC Davis Black community. Prospective students, parents and counselors will also gain insight on resources and opportunities available at UC Davis.

    Event Agenda (Times listed are Pacific Standard Time)


    Opening Session

    • Welcome by Chancellor Gary S. May
    • Acknowledgement of Black Excellence in the UC Davis community


    Alumni Keynote Speaker

    • Dr. Milmon Harrison, Associate Professor, African American & African Studies


    Alumni and Student-led Community Sessions

    • Rebuilding Black Wall Street Together
      • Tulsa's Black Wall Street is one of the most economically successful communities in Black History but we are not taught this history growing up. This session will review the legacy of Tulsa's Black Wall Street and go through how we can work together to start and grow business. This session is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join De'Von Truvel, creator of Black Wall Street the Board Game and UC Davis Alumni in this vital discussion.
    • Black Health & Wellness - 6 Ingredients for a Healthy Life
      • With so much information out there, it can be difficult to know how to lead a healthy life. Which diet is best? What exercise should I be doing? Am I getting enough sleep? In this session, we will breakdown the 6 things that everyone needs to live a healthy, thriving life. Although the deck is often stacked against us, if we all took just 1 small step towards living a healthier life, we can drastically shift the paradigm and build generational health for our communities.
    • Building Generational Wealth
      • Have you ever considered the difference between being an employee, a consultant, a business owner, self-employed or an entrepreneur? Dr. Ricky Shabazz will share varying factors you should take into consideration in your pursuit of building generational wealth. There's no "one size fits all" formula. This session will provide strategies to help you determine what's the best path for you.
    • Getting Involved – UCD Black Student Orgs
      • Studies have shown that student organizations, leadership positions and activity in campus residence halls have a positive correlation with retention and academic performance. This session will connect you with some of our Black student leaders on campus from Greek Organizations, Identity-based orgs, Career-focused orgs, etc. Come learn how you can get involved and contribute to this legacy of Black Excellence.
    • Black Transfer Student Experience
      • Transfer students often have to hit the ground running when they arrive on a university campus. This session will highlight a panel of Black transfer students who have successfully made the transition to UC Davis. They will provide "Real Talk" regarding challenges and triumphs in navigating the UC Davis landscape. Learn about resources you should take advantage of while at community college to help become a competitive transfer applicant and what you should tap into upon arriving at UC Davis.


    Screen & Coffee Break


    Community Sessions (repeat above)


    Closing Session

    Closing Remarks by Dr. Renetta G. Tull, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Final Raffle for the Day


    Optional Session for Fall 2022 applicants

    UC Application – Q&A

    Are you planning to apply for fall 2022?  Take a look at the pre-recorded presentation here.  If you have more questions, we’ll be here for you.



    2021 Alumni Speaker

    Dr. Milmon Harrison is an associate professor in the UC Davis Department of African American and African Studies. He received the 2021 Ralph Aldredge Faculty Excellence Award presented by the African Continuum for his consistent contribution to the Black community. Dr. Harrison is a proud alum of UC Davis and is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work focuses on the experience of people of African descent in the context of the continental United States.

    One of his students noted, “Dr. Harrison is absolutely incredible, hands down one of the BEST professors I have EVER taken!” We look forward to him dropping nuggets of wisdom as only he can.

    2021 Community Session Facilitators

    Angel Anene

    De'Von Truvel

    Sinclair Walker

    Dr. Ricky Shabazz

    Loveth Aleburu
    Student Director, African Diaspora Cultivating Education (ACE)Founder, Play Black Wall Street BoardgameChemical Engineer & Health CoachPresident, San Diego City CollegeTransfer Student, Umoja Ambassador

    What 2020 attendees had to say:

    I feel like the faculty and staff at Davis truly care for the black experience and want to make our education as easy and exciting as possible

    We should be proud of our skin, our heritage and recognize that we come from greatness

    Another key takeaway is that black organizations at UC Davis, such as BSU, not only help students within the social aspect but also within their academics. There is a lot you can learn from the students you surround yourself with and their advice from their prior experiences can help me achieve my goals.

    UC Davis is committed to bringing together Black students, faculty and staff to create authentic opportunities to support their success